Monday, January 14, 2008

SO WHAT’S been happening...

SO WHAT’S been happening since October 22nd, since re-issued versions of the first five Nightwish albums found their way into the racks on both CD and double coloured vinyl? In a word, plenty! In five words, one f**k of a lot!

Rather than go into a blow-by-blow account, however, let me simply state for the record that the task of building Spinefarm UK – in terms of both the bands on the label and the brand itself – is now very much underway. Already, we’ve established a chain of independent shops around the country (Spinestores by name) where all and any releases on the label will be sold complete with free bonus items (posters, etc) on a first-come-first-served basis, and you’ll be able to find a complete list of these stores elsewhere on this site.

Plus, in addition to the albums already put out (the aforementioned Nightwish catalogue followed by ‘My Winter Storm’, the debut solo effort from Tarja), there is now a healthy number of titles – both brand new and re-issues – lined up for 08, including super-strong outings from Rotten Sound, Brother Firetribe, the Reverend Bizarre, Kiuas, Tarot, Moonsorrow, Children Of Bodom and more. Many more. Indeed, we recently attended a launch party for the new COB album, ‘Blooddrunk’, over in a rather chilly Helsinki – a wonderfully organized event that saw much imbibing of alcohol (both hot & cold), plus an extended stint in the sauna (hot), swiftly followed by a nadger-threatening dip in the Baltic (c-c-c-cold), in addition of course to a full playback of the new album, which straight away sounded like an absolute winner, with rampant aggression and killer melodies very much leading the charge.

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