Monday, January 14, 2008

Tarja onstage at the Electric Ballroom in London 20/12/07

No sooner had we returned, skin still clear and glowing from our communal sauna experience (oh, and it’s pronounced ‘sow-nar’ in Finland, by the way), than we found ourselves at the Electric Ballroom in North London, waiting expectantly, hot toddy in mitten-ed hand, as Tarja prepared to unleash her Winter Storm live and in the flesh…

The date was December 20th, and this was the very first time the Singer Supreme had graced our shores ’neath the ‘Tarja’ banner, and I’m delighted to report that the next two hours positively flew by – sometimes on wings of purest gossamer, sometimes on wings studded with metal and fashioned from toughened hide – as the lady in question delivered a set crammed to bursting with material both new and old. She also managed to work her way through about four different costumes, all of them reflecting the ever-shifting pace and mood of the performance.

Watch out for a new video (‘Die Alive’), a new Remix (‘Lost Northern Star’) plus further UK dates, with April now looking the likeliest month.

More info soon!

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