Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spinefarm Records UK Launch Event!


The show - featuring Spinefarm artists Children Of Bodom, Moonsorrow & Kiuas - had been sold out for weeks, with tickets changing hands for hugely inflated prices, and quite a night it turned out to be, with all three acts on top form and a celebratory mood filling the air... not least from those of us at Spinefarm UK, as this was the moment that we officially announced our presence to the world!

Earlier in the day, at around 4.00pm, the COB guys had made an instore appearance in Zavvi's flagship Oxford Street store, with 1000 fans turning out to greet them, the vast majority wielding copies of brand new single 'Blooddrunk'. Events such as this are held regularly at the shop, but very few if any have been as well attended as this one, with fans queuing over 3 floors for the chance to grab a signature, a photo and a handshake. And special mention must be made of the chap with the 'COB' logo tattooed the length of his lower arm - dedication to the cause doesn't come any greater than this! Unless you know different?!

Anyway, thanks to all those who came along (to both the signing session & the show), and the band apologise to anyone who, due to overwhelming numbers, wasn't able to grab a signature. If you want to get in touch with us here at the website, we'll be happy to send you something by way of compensation.

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